If you are a parent wishing to create a CTCMath account for your children, please go to the registration page here. Once registered, you will then be able to easily set up student accounts for your children.

We offer monthly and yearly memberships. For one student, our rates are $29.97 monthly or $197 yearly. For more than one student, our rates are $39.97 monthly or $297 yearly. For more information about our Homeschool family rates, click here.

The quickest way to see how the program works is to view the demonstration video. The short video provides an excellent overview of the program's features and instructions to make it easy to use. We highly recommend you watch the video before starting CTCMath to ensure you get the greatest benefit from the program.

Yes, CTCMath is a full math curriculum covering grades K-12.

No. We believe in the importance of teaching Math the traditional way. Students should have the freedom to choose their preferred method of working out. We do make sure we explain and teach methods which are, from our experience, the easiest, quickest and most successful ways for students to understand and master concepts.

Yes. With a CTCMath membership you have access to all grades and lessons. There are no restrictions allowing freedom to move back and forward. Click here to download a complete lesson list.

Yes. We have a standard and comprehensive test for each topic from grades K-6. When a student completes the test, you will get a report detailing any lessons which may need to be reviewed.

As a parent you can access detailed results at any time online. Most parents choose to receive the weekly progress report which is sent direct to your email every week. To do this, just login to the Parent's Area, select your settings and check the 'Weekly Reports' option. There is also the facility within the Parents Area to view detailed reports at any time.

Login to the Parent's Area, select your settings and uncheck the report or newsletter box.

Send an email to, stating your login, password and PayPal email address and we will stop further payments. Your payments will cease immediately and your membership will expire at the conclusion of the last paid period. There are no cancellation fees.

For most worksheets the answers are in multiple-choice format. Multiple-choice worksheets have a set of questions and possible answers. The answers are jumbled and there are extra, incorrect answers to avoid guessing.

The symbols and notation used in math quickly goes beyond what can be readily typed using a keyboard. Radical symbols, superscript and subscript characters, pi, theta, degrees, minutes and seconds... Although easily written by hand, it is difficult trying to enter such answers into a program.

The nature of some topics, especially in the higher end courses, do not lend themselves easily to multiple-choice-style answers. Sketching Graphs and Geometric Proofs are good examples of this. In these cases, once the worksheet is completed, the student views the detailed worked solutions, to their own understanding of the steps in solving the questions. Students use the solutions and marking to be able to grade themselves appropriately. By popular demand, however, we are in the process of converting many self-graded lessons into multiple-choice wherever possible, so that the student has a single, consistent approach for entering answers. Please note that the vast majority of lessons contain multiple-choice answers, and that the self-graded lessons are mainly found in the Algebra and Geometry course.

CTCMath has converted its content to run on all modern HTML5 platforms, including iOS devices such as iPads and iPhones, and Android devices. Click here to access the login link

You can contact CTCMath at or 310-281-2217.