What is Mastery?

An even better measure of how well a student really understands the lesson. It encourages and rewards a student, who tries more questions to reach and succeed at the higher difficulty levels.

How is Mastery measured?

After a student answers a question, the next question chosen is based on an adaptive algorithm. What that simply means is that the questions adjust in difficulty based on the student's ability.

Mastery is measured as the HIGHEST DIFFICULTY level that a student achieves for that lesson. A 4-star mastery level means they have been able to answer the most difficult questions.


- Elementary
- Basic
- Sound
- Excellent



  • Motivates students to attempt a wider range of questions which helps build consolidation
  • Unlocks the questions which are more challenging with greater depth
  • The right question in the right order at the right time
  • Increases confidence and enjoyment of math

Parents and Teachers

  • Now have an even better measure of the student's understanding of the lesson
  • Identifies gaps in student knowledge or where further work is needed
  • Facilitates individualized learning so students learn at their own pace