Struggling with Math?

Most often it's for this reason: something has been missed or not understood earlier.

Since the rules and principles of math build on each other step-by-step, if some of these crucial building blocks are missing, then it's very tough for your kids to really understand math going forward.

What happens then is the age-old problem.

Kids fall further and further behind until finally they convince themselves they're "no good at math."

But here's the good news...

This can change. And it can change for you and your kids without the pain normally associated with change.

Proven to Raise Grades Fast

CTCMath guides kids through math, lesson by lesson.

It allows them to pause, rewind and repeat all or part of any lesson until they get it.

  • Learn math at their own pace - no stress, no pressure
  • Pause, rewind or repeat a lesson until they really get it
  • Increases confidence in class
  • Catch up on lessons missed or concepts not fully understood
  • Preview lessons at home before school
  • Gain understanding and confidence especially in areas where they struggled before
  • Gives your kids the freedom to learn without stress at home in their own time
  • All results are recorded so that progress can easily be seen
  • Above all, this really does work!

Because math concepts build upon each other, sometimes it's necessary to go back and revise a particular concept before moving on to a new topic.

By being able to review all lessons no matter what grade your kids are in, they get the chance (maybe for the first time ever) to finally understand math properly.

Which greatly lifts their confidence. Not just in math, but in themselves.

So no matter what grade your kids are in, this program helps. They can go back if they need to. Or even look ahead if they want.

One Incredible Teacher, There Whenever You Need Him!

When there's a bit of routine, things are a lot more simple.

That's why every CTCMath lesson is written and voiced by the same excellent teacher. This provides uniformity between the lessons and makes learning and retention much more effective.

And Pat Murray isn't just any teacher... he's been working in the classroom since 1989 and really knows how to relate to kids.

Pat's got 10 kids of his own so is well practiced!

Using his skills, Pat has educated tens of thousands of students all round the world to high acclaim.

One of the great benefits you get with Pat which you can't get with other teachers is he's there for as long as you need him, whenever you need him. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Faster Learning and Improved Retention

Every CTCMath lesson is presented in the simplest, most logical way possible. The same math is taught as in school but with all the time-wasting, peer pressure and distractions removed.

Each math lesson lasts under 10 minutes.

This ensures that the math rules and principles are put across efficiently, and most importantly they will be remembered when it comes to exam time.

Research Proves Multi-sensory Learning is More Effective

CTCMath uses a combination of effective graphics and animation synched with the voice of a friendly teacher. Then of course the chance to practice new founded skills.

This three pronged attack makes learning so much easier and more effective.

Poor Results in Math can be Fixed with the Right Teacher

Learning and understanding math is cumulative.

Ideas and principles build on each other.

So if your child gets a lousy math teacher for a year or more, then it's no surprise if they're struggling.

But the good news... It's something which can be fixed.

With CTCMath, your kids can go back and revisit those areas becoming good at them. This ensures a complete and thorough understanding going forward.

"Hi Pat,

When I first discovered your site I was amazed at the simplicity of the instructions and how thoroughly you cover the subject content of math.

The world favors the prepared and the prepared are given more choices. CTCMath is definitely that step in the right direction, the earlier the start the better.

Many thanks to our world's innovators and Patrick Murray is definitely one."

Mario  Cinquina
Seminole, Florida

"I recently purchased a membership for my daughter Sophie and have been so impressed with the results that I wish to add my second and third daughters."

Julie Radford
Flint, Michigan

"The program has been a hit with my students for the most part. The after school group that I work with saw a 20%-50% increase on the state standardized test. 84% of my Algebra 1 (ninth grade students) have shown improvement on the school district exams that are required quarterly.

I cannot thank you enough for access to the program. Since a lot of my students are way behind their grade level in math, the ability for the students to self pace is priceless."

Mrs Tandy Caraway
Math Department
Miami Killian Senior High School, Florida

"I just wanted to provide some feedback for you that the CTCMath system is really helping my daughter. She has historically struggled with math and 50% was a good result. Last week in her Algebra exam she achieved a 76% pass which was fantastic for her and her self-esteem."

Jordan Byrd
Billings, Montana

"Absolutely love it - can't say it enough. My three children use it all the time. Even my 16 y.o. daughter who was struggling started looking at the program. She saw how much she didn't know and has now refreshed most of her math and has caught up to the class.

She says doing the math lessons actually relaxes her because she now goes to math class with confidence.

Everyone should have this program because not all students "get it" first time around, and sometimes lessons are skipped at school."

Jacqui Concepcion
Lakewood, Colorado

"Hi Pat

Just wanted to let you know that Blake just got his algebra test back today – 91%!

This is a great improvement on 64% in his last algebra test. He is finally understanding it. Thanks."

Sharon Matthews
Jackson, Mississippi


"I found the program exactly what I needed for a review of the basics. I'm 40, and although it's directed at high-school kids, I did not in any way find it condescending. The small units are quick and easy to digest, and rather enjoyable to work through. The search function was useful as a quick reference.

Finally, your voice is natural and easy to listen to, giving the feeling that the tutorials were one-on-one. Thanks again!"

Miranda Groom
Glendale, Arizona

"I used the program for 18 months. I am 37 years old and with this course I went from leaving school in 1984 at 14 years old with all grades basic, returning to school 20 odd years later.

I knew nothing.

With this online course I went from being the dumbest in class to being the person people asked for help with I’m a Qualified Drafting Engineer."

Jordan Lopez
Hartford, Connecticut