CTCMath has been so helpful to me! I tried many different math programs and never liked them or understood the lessons well. Math had always been a struggle for me until I found CTCMath!! I love CTCMath, it has helped me understand math so much better and I almost always get 100% on my lessons!!! Thank you CTCMath!

Kiley Converse (Basic Math and Pre-Algebra student)
Lodi, California

My daughter has gone through many math programs in tears until discovering CTCMath!! This program has sparked an excitement about Math that I've never seen before! Thank you!!

Carianne Jacobs
Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

We love CTCMath! My daughter is dyslexic and has struggled with Math until now. With the help of CTCMath my daughter has mastered number placement, addition and subtraction. 4 years of public school could not teach her what she has learned in just 2 months of her utilizing the CTC program!

Crystal Lovato
Dayton, Ohio

My son is really getting a lot out of this math program. Just this morning he drew me the diagram from the lesson on speed, distance and time. The explanation really stuck with him and it made sense to him. The videos are great and we are very pleased with this math program. Thank you for all the work that went in to putting this together!

Christy Acre
DuBois, Pennsylvania

It's wonderful to finally have a math program that is easy for my kids to understand and where they can work at their own pace. It makes math for a 3rd and 1st grader learning together much easier to manage. Thank you!

Jody Urbanski
Columbus, Ohio

I love this program! They explain everything really well. And it is really exiting. I am getting 100% in subjects I never understood. But now I do! Thank you so much for this program. I will be sure to use this again next year!

Savannah Bentley (5th Grade student)
Clare, Michigan
Testimonial image

I like the pictures and the numbers. It's fun to figure out the problems

Madison Moore (1st Grade student)
Corydon, Indiana

CTCMath has made learning math actually possible for my son. He worked his butt off in school to learn the way they were teaching it and it just wasn't happening. CTCMath makes sense!

Kym Yrulegui
Fresno, California
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Honestly, I used to loathe math before I started using this curriculum. Now math is one of my favorite subjects to be doing! Thank you very much for making such a fun and amazing math curriculum!

Liam Hartman (Basic Math and Pre-Algebra student)
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

It's only our first week with CTCMath, but everyone in our house is loving it. I'm a homeschool mom to kids in 2nd, 4th, and 6th grade. They all think math is easy to understand now and no tears! We had some rough math years in the past. Thank you for making math easy to understand!

Heather Osterfeld
Honolulu, Hawaii

CTCMath has been a blessing to our girls! This is our first year homeschooling and I was hesitant on how to teach math!! However, after using this program for just over a week now, I/we are really loving the simple and clear explanation of each lesson, and the ease of working through each one!! Our girls are enjoying this very much! Thanks CTCMath!!

Jen Tormanen
Dassel, Minnesota

I have three children using CTCMath. They are kindergarten, fifth and seventh grade. They all have different learning styles and struggles and all 3 are exceeding my expectations AND they don't get mad when it's time for math!!

Michelle Best
Fort Drum, New York

I love this website so much. I am 15, and I feel like I can actually learn now. I honestly have a really hard time learning because I have dyslexia so I was never able to do the math I wanted to. I am now catching up to my grade. Thank you guys so much.

Izzy Mason (Basic Math and Pre-Algebra student)
Tulsa, Oklahoma
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This is great! It has helped fill in some gaps in my math

Serene Landry (Basic Math and Pre-Algebra student)
Hope, Maine

I love this program and so do my kids. We have tried every homeschool math program out there. This is the best one for all types of learners, especially for the ones who have learned to dread math. This has changed our whole school year for the better. This will be the permanent math pick for the rest of our homeschool years.

Ciera Osipenko
Lancaster, Pennsylvania