"System is really helping my daughter"

Hi there, I just wanted to provide some feedback for you that the CTCMath system is really helping my daughter. She has historically struggled with math and 50% was a good result. Last week in her Algebra exam she achieved a 76% pass which was fantastic for her and her self-esteem.

Jordan Byrd
Billings, Montana

"The best of the best!"

I have had very positive feedback from the parents whose children having been regularly using the program at home. They are ‘doing math’ for 1 hour or more and tell their sibling to get off the computer because it’s their turn to ‘do’ their math!

Rose Garcia
Joliet, Illinois

I love CTCMath and recommend it to my homeschool association members. I would love to have an affiliate link to pass on.

Hazel Douthit
Goose Creek, SC

Great for kids to learn and work independently

Emma Howell (2nd Grade student)
Olive Branch , MS

My gifted son did a 6th grade diagnostic twice,scoring 85 and 81 %.He watched videos for lessons he didn't score well in,&answered the lesson questions.His third attempt? 100%.The chapter took us a little over an hour.He increased 15-20% proficiency.

Bethea Owens
Whittier, North Carolina

My daughter is very advanced in math. She loves how you can advance to different levels.

Teri Perkins (3rd Grade student)
Indianapolis , IN

So far, CTCMath has been quick and easy to use. It is so nice that it is automatically graded and we know how my children did on each problem right after they do it!

Christina Canfield
Idaho Falls, Idaho

We love it! As an artist and person who thinks in pictures, this is the type of curriculum I would make if I could. Anyone learns better with visuals, not just artsy types. It's very well done.

Katey (Basic Math and Pre-Algebra student)
Gardner, KS

After trying several different math programs in one year for my daughter, I signed up for a free trial at CTC. That choice changed our homeschool in such an astounding way! We no longer have tears over math, or insane amounts of time spent preparing math lessons. We have been using CTC for over a year now and I can't imagine using anything else. When I saw the amazing deal on Homeschool Buyers Co-op it was too good to pass up and I renewed early! The great thing was that CTC just added the new subscription on at the end of my already-paid-for months. I have emailed their customer service a few times, and each time my questions were answered promptly and I've felt very much that taking care of their customers is important to them. I always recommend CTC when I hear that someone is looking for a new math program - I absolutely love it, and so does my daughter!

New York, New York

After struggling with another math online curriculum, we found your online curriculum and my children have been excited to learn again. The use of video and audio teaching is how my children accomplish their best understanding of the material. You at CTC have provided that. Thank You.

Samuel (Basic Math and Pre-Algebra student)
Littlestown, PA