I love this program for math. it is very easy to use and understand .

Zoe ryant (Basic Math and Pre-Algebra student)

"blank stares no more"

My son has completed 5 lessons so far and hasn't complained at all! He seems to understand the concepts. I used to get blank stares, but now he seems to get it right away! Thank you!

Christi Babaz

"more confident with Algebra"

I use to have problems with Algebra 1 But Now with CTCMath I feel more confident to do it and now I completely understand.

YESENIA MORENO (Algebra I student)

"They are arguing over math!"

This is such an amazing program! The diagrams make all the concepts easy to understand. I love that we can go back and review things if we need to.

My son is begging to do more, but the other kids want a turn. They are arguing over math!

Sheila Walters

"not what I usually see with math"

I love the huge smile on my daughter's face which is not what I usually see with math. Thank you. It's helping her understand math in a way that she hasn't.

Marlene Baron

"I am homeschooled student"

I am homeschooled student and I think that CTCMath is a very good program for me especially because I am struggling in math.

Alyssa C. (Basic Math and Pre-Algebra student)

"thank you is not enough to say"

You manage to simplify math and grab the attention of the child and worksheets give a sense of achievement to the child and much cheaper and easir than employing a tutor and you know that the child is being taught in the correct way.thankyou is not enough to say you are amazing i wish i had this site for my kids 20 years ago


"definitely better than Saxon"

It is the best program I've been through; definitely better than Saxon. Thanks for doing this!

Forrest La Belle (Algebra I student)

"Thank you for this program!"

Love this for my daughter! She is doing great so far! Thank you for this program!

Candice Rutherford

"This program gives me confidence and understanding"

I have been using this program from the start of Year 8, and I have been getting outstanding results. In my previous test, I have gone from 45% without using the program to 91% using the program, just in 3 months. This program has been giving me confidence and understanding.

Wally Kassem

"Your program has played a very big part"

Thanks to the CTCMath team for such a wonderful product. My two eldest children have completed end of year exams and both achieved a pass mark of over 72%.

This is a marked improvement on previous years and my wife and I are thrilled with the progress. The kids have worked hard and your program has played a very big part in the improvement as it complements their school studies so well.

We look forward to the continued improvement of our children in 2012.

Ramon Castellanos

"Very helpful for my daughter who requires a little more patience"

CTCMath has been very helpful for my daughter who requires a little more patience. She can learn on her own pace and she is able to grasp math altogether. She isn't frustrated anymore and she is having fun learning!

When I first discovered your site I was amazed at the simplicity of the instructions and how thoroughly you cover the subject content of math.

Thank you for developing a wonderful program, her school could benefit from your program. I am looking forward to seeing your iPad version, she will love that!

Thomas Moon

"A week into our program, and loving it!"

We are just over a week into our program, and loving it! All of us. The older two are charging ahead.

They love the ability to control the video presentation at the beginning, and I have noticed that my oldest is now slowly dragging the mouse to move the presentation in slow motion, although this still presents the information clearly, and then when she is ready she moves on.

Ann Lamont

"Thank you!"

Thanks Pat!

By way of feedback and appreciation:

1. These achievement awards are really motivating those of the family participants to access, work on and put in good effort.

2. In a family siblings scenario there is the addition of friendly competition to see who can achieve the best and most awards.

Clinton Adams
Elizabeth, New Jersey

"I rid of my fear of math!"

I feel that these online math lessons has got rid of my fear of math and made it more fun. I can't wait to show my teacher how much I've improved over the half term holiday. I think I will be able to move into the top set

Hannah Woodlands
Birmingham, UK