I love how this website is laid out....I'm learning a lot.

Keira Corcoran (4th Grade student)
Saline, Michigan
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Truthfully, this is the best math program I have ever used!

George Tinner (Algebra II student)
Louisville, Kentucky

I love CTCMath. This program is fun and simple but challenging and educational. I never liked math before but now I think it much better. Thanks, CTCMath, for making my math experience so much better!

Meralin Tybalt
Knoxville, Tennessee

CTCMath has been very effective and helpful to me. Ive improved in basic understanding of all Math principles.

Samuel (5th Grade student)
East St Paul, Manitoba

Hello. My name is Juan Carlos Francisco Paulo de Calabro Jaime Grebetude en Castolo Miercoles Veraba Derano Hector y Acosta Raul and I love CTCMath very very very much I have never found a beter math then this Thanks CTCMath!. PS sory my name is so long

Juan Carlos (Elementary Measurement student)
Honolulu, Hawaii
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Testimonial image

Alex has been studying math for years now. We use several programs. We like CTCMath because the explanations are very clear!

Russell Person
Los Alamos, California

I love CTCMath!!! It helps kids (like me) learn how to do things they struggle with. I hope that the other kids will learn as much as me. :)

Kathleen Moore (5th Grade student)
Columbia, South Carolina

I have two daughters who just started using this for grades 5 & prealgebra and they are both loving it. That says a lot for the older one who is not a lover of any math to this point! Thankful I found CTCMath!

Kari Hogan
Montgomery, Texas

The best math!!!!!! I have loved CTCMATH!!!!! Highly recommend (:

Miranda Maldonado (Basic Math and Pre-Algebra student)
Columbus, Georgia
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My family and I are really enjoying using CTCMath! It has helped us fill in some major gaps in our children's math education in a way that our kids enjoy and easily understand. It has been such a blessing to our homeschooling family, and the program has replaced all other math programs and curricula in our homeschool. So, thank you!"

Rachel Keppner
Gilbert, Arizona

I had been struggling with math for a while, and finally got it with CTCMath!

Miranda Maldonado (Basic Math and Pre-Algebra student)
Columbus, Georgia

it is awesome!! I love it I was NOT a big fan of math but now I understand:) anything that describes great describes CTCMath!!!

Sophie Rose Klekar (4th Grade student)
Litchfield, New Hampshier

I did not like math at first but since we got CTCMath I have become to like math. I like how there is a lesson to show you what to do :) :) :)

Hannah Gaetano (6th Grade student)
Minneapolis, Minnesota

This works great! It explains so much and I actually understand it!

Gavin Porter (Basic Math and Pre-Algebra student)
Puyallup, Washington

i love CTCMath you make it all so easy and i have been having a lot of trouble in fractions and now i get it! thank you so much!!!!!

Cheynne Whittemore (4th Grade student)
Bronston, Kentucky